Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh.. I did just remember, I knitted up these adorable strawberries.
Although knitting and crocheting is important for filling orders for our business... I find it so very hard to sit down and knit this time of year. We are working on our market garden and there is always weeding to be done. Not to mention gardening, landscaping projects, mowing (with our push reel mower of course).

But over the last month I have not really embarked on any new projects - have crocheted up a set of 6 beanbags in the rainbow colors, worked up a new hand knit baby doll, finished one baby bootie in cotton (must get to the other). - Does anyone else have a hard time doing the second sock or bootie? I have to really push myself once the first is completed to get going on the second one.

We do have some exciting news to report. I was asked to submit my crown pattern to a new online and in print publication. My first paid submission and we are ver excited!

Stay tuned and I will announce the new site as soon as it is live.

Happy Summer.
Warm wishes,